Aloha! Pineapple senorita

DSCN0824In August 17th,2015, this tangy-sour-sweet pineapple was born!

“Aloha! Tangy Pineapple Senorita” is what I named. (Naming my pickles is my second favorite thing when I pickle.)

Pineapples were on sale at a market (they were $5 for two), so I started to come up with ideas what to do with pineapples. I love grilled pineapple, but it is almost impossible to me to grill while I live in a tiny apartment. So, I decided to pickle them.

I remembered that one of my friends’ father fermented pineapples and jalapenos together. And he mixed it with sherbet and served it. Believe me, it was amazing! At first, it was cold, and could chew pineapple chunks. Then all my mouth could feel was fierce, tangy jalapeno flavor. There, I got the idea.

I looked up a one of Pinterest posts, and saw one that had a recipe. It recommended me to use citrus flavored vinegar, but I chose rice vinegar.

DSCN0811With rice vinegar, I put a table spoon of kosher salt and 1,1/2 table spoon of sugar. And put sliced jalapeno and simmered the pot of vinegar.

With addition of 1/4 cup of cilantro, I let pineapple pieces enjoy time with vinegar for a day.

In fact, it turned out to be too sour to me. Perhaps I should have put more sugar or should have used different vinegar (like the one the recipe recommended). Besides its sourness, this pickled produce gave sound satisfaction and inspiration; it reminded us (I shared with my friend, Johanna) salsa with Mexican dishes, and intrigued us to cook new foods that can go well with it.

And I found out that pineapple pieces has become really spicy as time going on. Also, I figured out that a jalapeno turns out to be spicier when it is cooked. SO Beware.

Yesterday, I made another jar of pineapple pickle. This time, I came up with my own recipe; I used different measurements and different ingredients. I am excited to taste the new pickle produce tomorrow! Stay tuned for the second version of Pineapple Senorita.

*Here is the recipe I referred:


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