Cherry Merry Christmas

11742855_1141242965891870_5147997134051885410_nJuly 9th,2015.

Before this beautiful, gorgeous, sweet and even attractive cherries were gone, I have decided to preserve her until I see them next year.

In fact, it was my mom who inspired me preserving fruits. Back in S.Korea, our parents manage a huge property at country side. They have a fig tree, persimmons, peaches, apricots, plums, and different kinds of berries. My mom has started to ferment fruits about 3 years ago. She has three big jars of fermented apricots, and peaches.

During hot days, mom simply dissolves the fruit extract (enzyme) in cold water. Its sweet, sour and delicate taste can’t be compared to soft drinks. She also uses it for marinading purposes; beef, pork, chicken are main protein she cooks.

It is “lacto-fermentation” that my mom and I have been doing. A bacteria 11887987_1159633557386144_3724689428709473195_nnamedĀ Lactobacillus converts sugars to lactic acid. Lactic acid is a natural preservative which keeps harmful bacteria from growing. One of benefits of consuming the fermented products (specially ones were made by lacto-fermentation method) is digestibility. It helps our body digests food easily.

Back to my cherry, I used honey instead of sugar. I want to see if there is any difference between mine and my mom’s. So far, it has strong flavor of honey than cherry. Hopefully I can get more cherry flavor couple months later. With cherry, I put couple sticks of rosemary. It was brilliant idea to put them! Just make sure to take them out soon (like after 24 hrs) so that the product doesn’t taste too much of herb.

Still, I have a month to take the cherries out (if you sit them too long, then it will smell/taste like alcohol). And at least couple months more to finish the fermentation. Can’t wait till I serve a cup of iced-cherry enzyme tea to my guest!


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